Tabletop Journeys Original Content

Tabletop Journeys is now producing original content based on the discussions on the podcast! Click the links below to check them out!

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The Travelers Guide to the Multiverse

Welcome Travelers! The next companion tome from the hosts of the Tabletop Journeys podcast is available! Journey with them through the strange celestial backdrop of the Multiverse, as the mysterious Traveler reveals what they have learned through the ages. Containing Backgrounds, Feats, Equipment, and Story Hooks galore, you have everything that you need to make your next campaign legendary!

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The Travelers Guide to Collaborative Worldbuilding

A Traveler’s Guide to Collaborative Worldbuilding is a guide to enhancing Role Play opportunities, presented by the hosts of the Tabletop Journeys Podcast.

This is a guide that you can use to introduce Collaborative Worldbuilding to the players at your table. You will find roll tables and plot devices specifically for that purpose. You can hear more about our take on Collaborative Worldbuilding in Episode 49, and you can hear us use this information in our Patreon Actual Play episodes.

Gothic Origin Character builds

Wizards of the Coast has published a new campaign manual, Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft! We bring you stat blocks and characters that let you explore the dark nature of the Dhampir, the questionable origins of the Reborn, and the vile wickedness of the Hexblood. If you are ready to dive into the Demiplanes of Dread, use these curated builds as pre-generated characters for your players, or as level-appropriate foes that they have to contend with!