2022 Holiday Shopping Guide

Welcome Travelers! The Holiday Shopping Guide episode is out, and we wanted to make sure that we provided links and contact information so that you can support all these awesome products. You can listen to the episode here

Don’t forget to support local!

Don’t know what the player, storyteller, or enthusiast in your life wants? Gift cards are awesome! Your local store needs this support to continue to bring us the space we need to enjoy our games, and it’s the best way to get involved with the community of other gamers. If you find the perfect thing for your gamer, bring the name to your local gaming store, and find out if they can get it for you! Heck, they are a great source for information also if you aren’t sure what to get.

Support Creators!

Did you know that you can get gift certificates on both DMS Guild and Drive Through RPG? How about Hero Forge? It’s one of the best parts of having a centralized marketplace for creators, so take advantage of it!  But between the various independent publishing sites, like Itch.Io and storefronts like Etsy, you can support creators directly, and that is one of the BEST ways to support the hobby!

Not sure where to start? Check out CraftingGeeks.com and find other amazing creators listed there who would love your support this holiday season. And Glen had the fantastic suggestion to get custom character art, so that your gamer can bring that favorite character to life. There are a ton of people taking commissions on Twitter and elsewhere, so hit them up (but do it soon, if you are looking for it before the end of December!).

Support us!

We have put together two curated lists on Amazon for Storytellers and Players. If you are looking to support your friendly neighborhood game store, it’s a great place to start. And, if you decide to do your shopping online instead, we would really appreciate you shopping through these links to our affiliate store to help support the show!

2022 Holiday Shopping Guide for Storytellers

2022 Holiday Shopping Guide for Players

Stuff we mentioned on the show (or didn’t!)

We aren’t affiliated with any of the groups below (but, hey, we love your stuff, so we’d love to be! #CallYourBoysTTJ)

Headless Hydra Magnetic Hex tiles

Delve Candles


Warlock Tiles

wildcatBLACK – General RPG Flavored Swag.

Initiative Trackers for DMs Screen by RPGear

Teas by The Steeping Dragon

Sarcophagus Card Box and other things

Awesome Dice accessories, particular the spell dice

Awesome Dice seat, particularly dragon skull and human skull

Dungeon Crate – Best TTPRG stuff subscription box on the internet

Critical Dice – A Monthly Dice subscription? Tell me more!

More RPG Apparel from a great company

Skinny Minis – They are running an AMAZING sale right now. Check out what you get in this bundle!

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