Star Trek Preservations, Episode 1 Part 3

    Field Trips
    Field Trips
    Star Trek Preservations, Episode 1 Part 3

    Star Trek: Preservations – Final Cadet Holodeck Evaluation, part 3, “We are not ourselves”. Our second group of cadets loads into the holodeck for their evaluations, this time investigating a Klingon Space Station that was overrun by a mind-stealing parasite!

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    Hosted by: Josh Newton, Glen Myers, & A. Lewanika Miller
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    Additional Music: Music by soundbay and Lico_ from Pixabay

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    One thought on “Star Trek Preservations, Episode 1 Part 3

    1. Love it:
      Ocean was the name of character who played a character on SG-1 for 2 eps
      he was in the eps: 200 and before that in the 1t ep w/Martin

      he was a star in “Wormhole-Xtreme”

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