Three weeks to go

The hosts and content creators of Tabletop Journeys proudly bring you their most ambitious and exciting book yet, Heroic Subclasses of the Multiverse! Featuring twelve narratively crafted subclasses from across the cosmos of the world’s most popular roleplaying game, this book will take your game to the next level and make your next role LEGENDARY!

We invite you to dabble in the dark magicks of the Shadow Dwellers, sail the tides of high adventure with the heroes of the Boiling Seas, journey far from civilization with the Outlanders, and dive into the seedy underbelly of political intrigue with The Metropolitans.

Heroic Subclasses of the Multiverse is over 50 pages of game material, compelling art, rich content, and unique, diverse subclasses that will bring your campaign world to life. Each subclass features amazing character art by Morgan Winter, custom designed for this project, and an original NPC that’s ready to drop right into your game world! 

Fans of the Tabletop Journeys podcast, or any of our previous publications, know that we are Storytellers first and foremost. No project of ours would be complete without lots of narrative extras and expanded content. So, all kickstarter backers, regardless of backing level, will receive all of the unlocked stretch goal content! Our amazing backers have already passed the first two levels, adding all new Backgrounds, Feats, and Items both magic and mundane to the project!

Back Now and put us to work writing even more content like additional NPCs, gripping adventure hooks, beautiful custom maps, and more. 

Join us today at www.ttjourneys.com/Kickstarter and let us help you make your next role Legendary!

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