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The Traveler’s Guide to Factions is a lore-focused supplement designed for use in any campaign, any time period, and any game system that will provide nine fully developed, unique micro-societies to add depth to your world or backstory.

PORTLAND, ME, Sept. 28, 2023 – The creative minds at Tabletop Journeys, LLC are bringing their next book campaign to Kickstarter. The Traveler’s Guide to Factions will contain nine factions, each designed with history, insider secrets, and information for player characters, allied NPCs, and adversaries. Designed as plug-and-play micro-societies, each faction will come with guidance and suggestions for how they would appear in any time period, from the pre-technology past to the space-traveling future, and everything in between.

Tabletop Journeys, already a successful podcast in the TTRPG space, began their content creation journey in November of 2021 with the release of their first book, The Traveler’s Guide to Creative Worldbuilding, on DMs Guild. This was followed by the even more ambitious Traveler’s Guide to the Multiverse and the publication of The Trials of the Tower Initiate, a Dragonlance adventure written for the Dragonlance Companion by Splinterverse Media, both also on DMs Guild. Last year Tabletop Journeys ran their first successful Kickstarter campaign to launch their third book, Heroic Subclasses of the Multiverse.

Now, Tabletop Journeys returns with a new Kickstarter campaign to launch The Traveler’s Guide to Factions. The lore and customs of these nine factions, as well as a chapter on how to create your own, will make up the core of the book’s offering. Stretch goals will add 5e style backgrounds and feats, Tales of the Valiant heritages and lineages, more NPCs with custom art, base or lair maps for each faction, and multi-page adventure starters.

Hallmarks of this campaign include:

  • Hardcover print books for individuals and retailers
  • System agnostic lore with 5e compatible mechanics
  • Quick turnaround, with expected delivery early next year
  • All backers receive all stretch goals
  • Fun Add-ons including mugs, T-shirts, stickers

“Every book we have put out has been more ambitious than the last, which is exactly the way we think that it should be. With all the stretch goals we hit, the Heroic Subclasses book grew to 186 pages, and the stretch goals could easily carry this project over 200 if we hit every level, “ said Josh Newton, one of the founding partners of Tabletop Journeys, LLC.

This campaign has a funding goal of $3,000, with stretch goals carrying it up to $8,000.

You can check out our episode about The Travelers Guide to Factions here

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