2023 Holiday Shopping Guide

Make sure you check out Episode 150 where we talk about all these great items!

Main Episodes
Main Episodes
Episode 150 – The 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Lewanika’s List

ENHANCE Board Game Backpack
Additional options: (found after the recording session)
ENHANCE Collector’s Edition Board Game Backpack –
ENHANCE Collector’s Edition RPG Adventurer’s DnD Bag – Dragon Hide Exterior (With Miniatures Storage Vault)
Chessex Megamat – Vinyl RPG Megamat(34.5″ x 48″)
The Authentic Role-Playing Game Board by Hexers, Mat Alternative (27″x23″) Hexes & Squares (Dry Erase)
Ryan Wolfe – 0-hr: art & technology
Paizo Flip Maps Also available at Local Game stores everywhere #FLGS
Kat Bat Adventure Packs

Josh’s List

Roselink custom chain mail
Aaron Lindeman (custom art)
Inkling Print Company
The Ultimate RPG Campfire Card Deck (James D’Amato)
Sleeping Seamstress
D&D Icons of the Realms: Adventure in a Box – Red Dragon’s Lair

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