All About Your Awesome Hosts

Friends for much longer than any of them care to admit, your three hosts bring extensive RPG experience from even before they met. For almost 100 years combined, they have played in and ran tabletop and live-action games of every stripe. Since then, they have discussed, argued, kibitzed, broken down, built up, rearranged, and dissected every imaginable topic, frequently in living rooms in front of horrified onlookers who couldn’t get a word in edgewise. The Tabletop Journeys project started as friends wanting to get together over Zoom to talk about the games they were running, the stuff that they had bought, and things that they thought were cool. And now, we hope that you do too!


In recent years Lewanika has focused on family life, but this has not slowed his drive to embrace is artistic side. Lewanika has returned to both singing, writing, and running roleplaying games as a Dungeon Master. He has placed in local karaoke contests, even singing on stage with a live band featuring a future contestant from The Voice, and joining an amazing cast of local theatre actors and singers as part of a Disney Dinner and a Show event benefiting a local food bank. A highlight for Lewanika was singing the National Anthem to open a baseball game at Dodd Stadium in South eastern Connecticut. For the past 8 years DMing various role-playing games at local games stores for friends and welcoming strangers; even making appearances at local roleplaying conventions that support community charities benefiting the LGBTQ teen outreach, local food banks and veteran equestrian therapy. Lewanika has also been working on RPG writing projects, with contributor credits on a Drive Thru RPG and a pair of successful Kickstarter campaigns for Worlds Overrun. This year he has begun work as a co-author on a Sci-fi novel along with members of The World Overrun Group.

A computer programmer and music theorist from Maine, his first game was a Warhammer Fantasy campaign with two of his friends when he was about ten years old and knew nothing. He continued playing table top games through college, and fell in love with Live Action RPGs and storytelling in the Old World of Darkness / MET Third edition systems. He has written various articles about portraying characters from that world, academic papers about the history and future of role-playing games, loved The Last Jedi, and thinks that Kickstarter and open sourced content is the greatest development for RPGs in a generation. Complaints about the website should go to him.


Glen (he is actually taller than the building behind him)

I sat down to my first DnD game when I was eight years old and never looked back. Don’t get me wrong, in the past 40 years I have definitely had some long lulls, but I never quit roleplaying. I have enjoyed everything from Paranoia to Recon and from Rifts Earth to Gurps Supers. Somewhere in all that craziness, I’m sure there is a gem or two I can share with you.  😉

Professionally, I am two very different people: Glen Myers the middle-management corporate stiff; and Geln The Maker, a raucous dwarven worldbuilder that creates fantastical realms and far away places! I am a writer, an artist (traditional and graphic), an entrepreneur, a crafter, a storyteller, a woodcarver, a builder of spreadsheets… if it involves breathing life into something new and beautiful, I am all in. In short, I am a MAKER.

Joining long time friends Josh and Lewanika at TableTop Journeys is a dream come true for me! A company where I get to be a Creative pretty much all the time? Heck yeah! Along the way, I look forward to crafting epic tales of adventure for you, and, hopefully, we’ll get to set out on a TableTop Journey (IRL or DTT) together soon! I can’t wait to meet all of you!