Unboxing the Mystic Wylds October box

If you aren’t familiar with Mystic Wylds, they offer minis and accessories for role playing games that features independent artists and sculptors. They are very open about their core values, and what they are trying to achieve. Their galleries are good, and their prices are pretty standard for high quality miniatures. They also offer a subscription box called Monthly Minis. I subscribe at the full level, which give me 11 figs for about $40 which is a significant savings. They seem like a great outfit to support.

At this point, I am going to split this review into two parts. I had some initial thoughts about the contents of the box when I first got it, but after talking it over with Lewanika earlier today, my thoughts started to change.

Here is where I started.

I got really excited by the contents of the box. The variety was good, and the list of featured artists was exciting. My favorite fig in this box is absolutely the Jack O’Lantern Golem. That fig is just FUN looking, and for a Halloween themed one shot, would be an incredible addition. Runners-up are the Bugbear, the Queen, and the Fool.

If I had one criticism, it would be that I am not sure when I will use these figs. They are great, and the figs I got in September are still sitting in their box, on the top shelf in my workshop. October’s figs went to the same space on top of last month’s box. Without knowing what is going to be in the monthly box, or at least being able to pick a particular theme, it’s hard to know whether or not the figs will make it to my table. In my case, for my use, I am not sure that I need 11 figurines each month that aren’t being actively painted or used.

Here is where I am now.

I have to admit that as I look through the list of figurines again, I am starting to see more figs that I really like, and ways that I can incorporate them into my current game. For example, the Masquerade Woman fig? She looks like a pirate, and I have pirates in my game… making a female pirate captain undead would be cool. And the Holy Warrior Paladin fig? That’s an element that is missing in my game. To quote the big galoot himself, “Any expansive world will eventually have use for figs of all kinds.”

And like I said above, the contents of the October Box would be great for a Halloween or Horror themed one shot. That might be the best selling point of the entire box, and is a contrast from other DND module subscriptions. If you want to write your own plot points, around this cast of characters, this box is a great launching point that means minimal overhead outside of the characters you received.

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