We are excited to announce our new series!

Welcome Travelers! We have launched the first episode in our new series, the Actual Plays we are calling Fieldtrips! Here is how we are going to publish them.

New Episodes are going to come out every other Monday. Episode 1 of the first session can be found here: https://ttjourneys.com/archives/podcast/candlekeep-mysteries-session-1-episode-1

You will be able to listen to the full session on Friday after the last episode for that session has been published. Since Session 1 is three episodes long, that means the full episode will be available to all listeners on Friday, May 28th.

As always, Patreons get early access to the full episode! It’s available to them as soon as Episode 1 of a session launches!

And a reminder that Patreons not only get full access to the episode early, but all Patreons get an invitation to the table! We are currently filling our roster for our June Game, which will be the third of the Candlekeep Mysteries, so if you want to play, check out www.patreon.com/ttjourneys

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