An Old and Dusty Journal

You can faintly tell that the old tome’s cover was once ornately carved and dyed, but is it so worn from age and use that you can no longer make out many details. Lifting it from the ancient desk sets off a swirl of dust, tickling your nose with the musty smell of ancient wisdom. A worn spot along the book’s spine fits into your hand perfectly as you carry it to a threadbare chair near the long cold hearth, with the remains of a crumbled side table between them. The chair is surprisingly comfortable and the sunlight from the nearest window falls perfectly across the heavy tome in your lap. 

The aged leather creaks in protest as you carefully lift the cover, and on the inside panel you find a message carefully printed in a neat, precise hand…

Greetings, dear reader! My name is Revelry the Bard! Fresh graduate of the esteemed Bardic College of the Confederated Guild City-States of Fairhaven – class of 278!

Today, in fact, was my graduation day! And as I am now a professional chronicler of history and collector of stories, what better place to start than with my own? Of course, my graduation gift – this beautifully appointed gnome-bound leather journal; dyed my favorite deep shade of reddish-purple and with my new name blazoned across the cover – may have also given me a slight nudge.

I have no idea who may be reading this one day, or where my tale may take us (personally, I hope it is to a ripe old age and peaceful retirement), but I do promise adventure and entertainment along the way! I am now a Bard, after all, and I have always considered myself to be a devilishly good time!

But whether my tale is delightfully long or tragically short, one of the most amazing things about stories is that they can teach and entertain people like you, dear reader, long after the players have taken thier bows and left the stage.

So welcome, whoever you are! I hope you’re sitting in a comfy chair near the fire, with your feet tucked beneath you and your tail curled around your knees. Perhaps a steaming cup of spiced wine on the side table… Mmmm, that’s my favorite place to read. But, alas, I digress…

I promised you entertainment, did I not? 

Come then, let’s be off, and we’ll discover together where the adventures of Revelry the Bard may lead us!

Welcome to The Tales of Revelry the Bard! This series will be an Actual Play of the Solo RPG, The Adventurer – a journal entry style game that can be set in any world or setting that you choose. I will be playing as Revelry, a DnD 5e Bard in the Kingdom of Fairhaven in the Boiling Seas – in a world of my own creation. This gives it the added benifit of being a world building exercise as well!

New entries should come out on the 1st and 15th of each month. I will add a section, like this one, to the end of each post that details from The Adventurer’s oracle decks that inspired the story.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions so please leave them in the comments. Some answers may have to wait until the appropriate journal entry to be revealed, but I will be as responsive as I can! 🙂

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