2023 Holiday Shopping Guide

Make sure you check out Episode 150 where we talk about all these great items! Lewanika’s List ENHANCE Board Game BackpackAdditional options: (found after the recording session)ENHANCE Collector’s Edition Board Game Backpack –ENHANCE Collector’s Edition RPG Adventurer’s DnD Bag – Dragon Hide Exterior (With Miniatures Storage Vault)Chessex Megamat – Vinyl RPG Megamat(34.5″ x 48″)The Authentic…

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Our Next Kickstarter is LIVE!

The Traveler’s Guide to Factions is a lore-focused supplement designed for use in any campaign, any time period, and any game system that will provide nine fully developed, unique micro-societies to add depth to your world or backstory. PORTLAND, ME, Sept. 28, 2023 – The creative minds at Tabletop Journeys, LLC are bringing their next…

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2022 Holiday Shopping Guide

Welcome Travelers! The Holiday Shopping Guide episode is out, and we wanted to make sure that we provided links and contact information so that you can support all these awesome products. You can listen to the episode here Don’t forget to support local! Don’t know what the player, storyteller, or enthusiast in your life wants?…

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Three weeks to go


The hosts and content creators of Tabletop Journeys proudly bring you their most ambitious and exciting book yet, Heroic Subclasses of the Multiverse! Featuring twelve narratively crafted subclasses from across the cosmos of the world’s most popular roleplaying game, this book will take your game to the next level and make your next role LEGENDARY!

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