Ea Ep

    Episode 1 – Recovering the USS Alcubierre

    Year: 2378

    Storyteller: A. Lewanika Miller

    Episode listing

    Player Characters

    Sabian Tobor

    Ividian Te’nari

    Aarza Jakaih

    Sean Solari

    Oshen Ch’zylrirh

    Derek Shaw



    Non-player Characters

    Plot Synopsis

    This adventure commences with our heroes, divided into two groups while still Starfleet Academy cadets. They are entering their final evaluations that will chart the course of their future careers within Starfleet. The test? A sophisticated simulation run for the first time by Commandant Prichard, a seasoned veteran of the Dominion War, that seems to have an ulterior motive.

    Part 1

    The cadets’ mission leads them to the Elona sector, searching for the USS Ari, a ship lost during an experiment meant to push the boundaries of warp technology. As they navigate subspace interference and confront unexpected challenges, the players must work together to rescue the crew, solve the mystery of the experiment gone awry, and ensure the safety of their team in hostile space. In a dramatic turn of events, our cadets encounter more than just technical difficulties; the presence of Romulans complicates their mission, adding an element of danger that tests their resolve and teamwork. The discovery of disruptor fire damage and the deaths of Star Fleet officers raise the stakes, transforming their simulation exercise into a critical survival and rescue mission.

    Part 2

    The team battles Romulan invaders and an alien parasitic creature, highlighting their courage and teamwork in the face of an unexpected menace. Their victory reveals a secret test designed to prepare them for a significant, and largely unknown, threat.

    Part 3

    The second group prepares for their simulation. As they navigate the holodeck simulation, a mission to a silent Klingon station uncovers mysterious phenomena. With strategic planning and unexpected revelations, the crew must unravel the enigma before it’s too late.

    Part 4

    The episode began with our crew aboard the Eagle. The team was tasked with plotting a course through an asteroid field to a shuttle bay. The climax of our episode came with a startling revelation. Upon disabling a device designed to scramble sensor readings, the crew inadvertently triggered an alarm, alerting two Romulan agents to their presence. The engagement with the Romulans not only introduced a new level of danger but also hinted at a broader narrative involving Romulan involvement in the outpost’s mysterious activities.


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