Ea Ep

    Episode 4 – In a Nest of Cedars

    Stardate:  57403.57

    Storyteller: Josh Newton

    Episode listing

    Player Characters

    – **Tobor**: Played by Joe Harney, the captain of the USS Dalamis Christian.
    – **Oshen**: Portrayed as Lieutenant Commander Ocean, the Andorian tactical officer.
    – **Najar**: Glenn’s character, Lieutenant Junior Grade Camdryl Najjar, a security specialist.
    – **Tenari**: David Rideout’s persona, Lieutenant Davidian Tanari, the Chief Engineer.
    – **Vylelor**: Daniel Fields takes on the role of Vailalor, the Chief of Security and a Ferengi-based shapeshifter changeling.

    Non-player Characters

    Plot Synopsis

    Part 1

    The USS Dalamis Christian, commanded by Commander Sabian Tobor, responds to a distress call from a Zindi vessel, the Zixthra, reporting an attack by a raiding vessel. The raiders’ ship was described as a patchwork of technologies and pieces from various species, a spaceborne bricolage intent on destruction.

    As the Dalamis Christian races at warp to provide aid, it becomes clear that this is no ordinary rescue mission. The Zixthra, carrying participants of a diplomatic ceremony, is under attack not for plunder but seemingly for reasons far more sinister. The crew’s analysis suggests that the attack could either be aimed at destroying something aboard the vessel or assassinating specific passengers. The assailants’ refusal to board and the meticulous avoidance of damaging the ship beyond a certain threshold hinted at motives beyond mere raiding. A daring scientific maneuver by Lieutenant Davidian Tanari, encapsulates the Zindi ship with the shields from the Dilamus Christian, bolstering its defenses.

    Aggressively moving on the attackers, the raiders’ ship is disabled and caught in a tractor beam. Commander Tobor’s attempts at negotiation reveal a cryptic resistance from the raiding vessel’s commander, hinting at deeper plots and further exploration.

    Part 2

    The Raider ship, captained by a Nausicaan named Gblok, is brought aboard and the crew is questions. The Raiders’ attack on the Xindi vessel, reveals the fragile line between security and aggression.

    At the heart of this encounter lies a brooding ceremony of the Zindi, a sacred and highly secretive ritual that had never before been witnessed by outsiders. The Raiders’ assault was motivated by a deep-seated fear of what this ceremony could entail for the ecosystem of a planet or a space station.

    The crew, particularly through the efforts of their diplomatic and investigative endeavors, uncovers the dual nature of this situation. On one side, there’s the preservation of a species’ cultural heritage and the Federation’s role in facilitating a rare reunification event. On the other, there’s the potentially catastrophic environmental impact of a misunderstood biological process, with the potential to devastate entire ecosystems.

    Part 3

    It is revealed that the insectoid Zindi brood ship, carrying half a million eggs, presents an imminent danger to the ecological balance of Asselin Station. The Zindi, a species with notoriously difficult communication methods, seemingly combine body language, scent trail, and an elusive spoken language, making diplomatic negotiations a daunting task.

    In a race against time, the crew scrambles to avert disaster. Their solution? To redirect the Zindi to an uninhabited M-class planet capable of supporting the brood, thereby saving Aslan Station from certain destruction. This plan, however, introduces a host of new challenges.

    Enter Ensign Crix, an inexperienced but hopeful diplomat, thrust into the spotlight of this interstellar negotiation. Her role becomes crucial as the crew relies on her to communicate the change of plans to the Zindi, convincing them to alter their course to the selected M class planet. What unfolds is a delicate dance of diplomacy, as the crew must navigate their own regulations, the ecological preservation of an untouched world, and the cultural sensitivities of the Zindi.

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