Episode 156 – Adam Eason Returns

    Episode 156 – Adam Eason Returns

    Let’s welcome back The Dungeonator, Adam Eason as we discuss his new setting, Maer Zarotzk. Adam is developing the setting in a series of blog articles generated by a world-building engine of roll tables he is designing. We were as interested in the world-building tool as we were in the fantastic detail it generated in his setting!

    Links from the episode:

    Midnight Melodies by Cezar Capacle


    03:11 Introduction and Catching Up
    07:40 Adam’s Journey in Game Development
    20:41 The Creation of Mayer Zerosk
    27:12 The Impact of Environment in Game Development
    30:44 The Importance of Realism in Fantasy
    33:37 The Future of World Building: Publishing and Distribution
    38:36 The Challenges of Creating Non-Evil Necromancy
    52:58 The Role of Internal Consistency in World Building
    57:36 The Influence of Landscape on Society
    01:05:11 Closing Remarks and Future Plans

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