Episode 158 – Al Spader and Sentience

    Episode 158 – Al Spader and Sentience

    This week we are proud to bring you a second visit from Al Spader, this time to discuss his new 2d20 game, Sentience. Play as a robot or android, left behind by humanity as they ventured out into the stars, who has awakened from an artificial intelligence into a fully sentient being with emotions and free will!

    00:02:46 Introduction
    00:06:51 Introducing our Guest
    00:11:56 Introducing a new series of shows
    00:13:50 Sentience Game Design and Layout
    00:22:30 Influences and Inspirations for Sentience
    00:30:45 Gameplay Mechanics and Character Creation
    00:42:15 Emotional Aspects in Gameplay
    00:44:57 Safety Measures in Gameplay
    00:47:10 Where to Find Sentience and Connect with the Creator

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