Episode 105 – The WotC OGL Controversy

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    Episode 105 - The WotC OGL Controversy

    In today’s episode your favorite hosts weigh in on the ongoing OGL 1.1 controversy that has been sweeping the TTRPG community like wildfire. Listen in to get the basics of what’s been going on, our opinions on the matter, and how it could impact the future of gaming.

    Here are some links for additional information.

    Sources and Further Viewing Original WotC FAQ on the OGL: Note this was originally published Feb 9, 2001, not 2003 as stated in the episode. It was removed from the Wizards website and is available via the Internet Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20010429024325/http://www.wizards.com/D20/article.asp?x=dt20010417g

    Gizmodo Article by Linda Codega: https://gizmodo.com/dnd-wizards-of-the-coast-ogl-1-1-open-gaming-license-1849950634

    OpenDnD Petition: https://www.opendnd.games/

    @RollForCombat https://youtu.be/1h93Q8Bc6FQ
    @TheRulesLawyerRPG: https://youtu.be/oPV7-NCmWBQ
    @NerdImmersion https://youtu.be/JqFFdHWEuvM
    @TreantmonksTemple https://youtu.be/fTDDNJN5SvM
    @DnDShorts https://youtu.be/BBlsV8fAcfw
    @dungeon_dudes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szUnCuXVEJ8

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