Episode 21 – The Draconic Options UA

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    Episode 21 - The Draconic Options UA

    Welcome Travelers! Today we try to unravel the new Draconic Options Unearthed Arcana, and there is a lot to digest in there! We talk about where we think this is suggesting the next books from WotC are going to go, breakdown the best options and biggest areas of opportunity. Since this is playtest material, let us know in the comments how you want to use it, or how you would change it for your tables!

    If you want to read the UA, you check it out here: https://dnd.wizards.com/articles/unearthed-arcana/draconic-options

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    Today we also are proud to share you with a friend of the show, Kabouter Games. You can check out their catalog on their site, and don’t forget to look for Spears & Spells on Indiegogo. The game looks INCREDIBLE, and we can’t wait to get our copy!

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