Field Trip – Against the Dark Master, Part 1

    Against the Dark Master
    Against the Dark Master
    Field Trip - Against the Dark Master, Part 1

    Our Journey Begins!

    Join the adventure as Yorokas the Modest, Lorcano, Garivald, Edrick, and their guide, Nevynn, face the dangers of the wildlands enroute to the Safe Haven of Blàithnaid.

    Just outside Garivald’s home town of Highthicket, however, the Crimson Empress’ agents were waiting in ambush. During the fray, one of the party is laid low by a poisoned arrow, turning the already perilous journey into a deadly race against time!

    The healers and sages of distant Blàithnaid are the only hope for a cure. Can our stalwart band cover the distance in time? Will Lorcano’s healing magic be able to buy them more time? Will the Dark Master’s minions attack again?

    Take a seat at the table with us and find out!

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