Field Trip – Babies and Broadswords, Part 1

    Babies and Broadswords
    Babies and Broadswords
    Field Trip - Babies and Broadswords, Part 1

    An elephant, an otterling, and a guinea pig, babies one and all begin, their morning trapped in their room when breakfast is called and the adventure begins! Join Tabletop Journeys as they play the new game “Babies and Broadswords” by Even Footing Games. Lead Writer Jason Cassidy guides Artie, Jelly Bean, and Squiggly through a fun filled romp in this great new indie game system. Trust us, Hilarity ensues.

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    Hosted by: Josh Newton, Glen Myers, & A. Lewanika Miller
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    Additional Music: “Pirates, Privateers, Corsairs, and Buccaneers”, by Sean Mcro

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