Field Trip – The Real Thing, Part 5

    Field Trips
    Field Trips
    Field Trip - The Real Thing, Part 5

    Listen in at the table to the last chapter (for now) of The Real Thing! Travis, Stanley, Briggs, and Aristotle concoct a plan to sneak into the basement, intent on learning the truth behind the Sorcerer and the strange events they are caught up in. Despite the Mistress’ support, however, they still can’t break any of the rules… to include harming the guards or leaving the party!

    As The Real Thing goes live on Kickstarter this month, we certainly don’t want to give away the ending before you have a chance to play it! We will air the conclusion of the story at some point after the Kickstarter campaign has concluded. But for now, this is it….

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    Hosted by: Josh Newton, Glen Myers, & A. Lewanika Miller
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    Additional Music by 1tamara2 from Pixabay

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