Special Episode! The TTRPG Bookshelf Draft

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    Gaming Book Reviews
    Special Episode! The TTRPG Bookshelf Draft

    What happens when Tabletop Journeys get together with Game Knight Heroes and The RPG Academy?

    Lewanika was joined by Kevin Stacy from the Game Knight Heroes podcast and Michael Ross from The RPG Academy for a cross-pod event. We present The 2023 Ultimate TTRPG Bookshelf Draft with Chris Burlew from the Redemption Podcast acting as our Draftmaster aka the Commissioner. Chris chose by random die roll the draft order which went Lewanika, Kevin, and then Michael.  This was a snake draft meaning pick 3 was also 4th and pick 6th was also 7th (and so on).  We had 6 categories to draft from and we could draft them in any order we wanted. 

    Our Categories were:

    • The Cornerstone. Any version of D&D or Pathfinder (though you COULD go outside if you wanted)
    • The Contender. A TTRPG that wasn’t one of the big two, but maybe should be or could be in the future.
    • The Indie Darling. An Indie RPG that can never get enough love.
    • Genre 1 and Genre 2 – any TTRPG that would fit as a genre game.
    • Wildcard – anything we wanted including a duplicate of another category.

    And now it’s all up to YOU, dear listener – you get to vote and determine whose bookshelf is the Ultimate (or most ultimate) one from this draft!  Check on various social channels on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and cast your vote. We will tally the votes across all our channels and announce which one of us has the Ultimate TTRPG Bookshelf!

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