Aliens: Chariots of the Gods – Part 2

    Field Trips
    Field Trips
    Aliens: Chariots of the Gods - Part 2

    Prepare for a weekend of terrifying encounters, horrific abominations, and unbelievable role play set in the darkest, most chilling reaches of deep space…

    Welcome to our Actual Play Miniseries of  Chariot of the Gods – presented and played by the hosts of Dads with Nerdy Ambitions, Tabletop Journeys, and 19 Hits the Dragon in an epic 3 Podcast Crossover!

    Join the crew of the Montero as our routine cargo run turns deadly when we awake from cryo to find ourselves on a collision course with a derelict ship. Even if we manage to survive the collision, what xenomorphic horrors await us aboard the drifting Chronos? 

    Only one thing is certain, this far out into the icy black void no one else will hear our screams…

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    This presentation is uncensored, and contains profanity and references to body horror, addiction, and violence. Listener discretion is advised.

    “Aliens: The RPG” and the “Chariot of the Gods” module are both copyright Free League Publishing.

    Sound effects obtained from

    Introduction and Trailer music “Sea Hag’s Shack” by Sean at McRoMusic.

    “Violin Concerto No. 1 in A Minor” by J.S. Bach (Episode 1), courtesy of Daniel Lozakovich, © 2018 Deutsche Grammophon GmbH, Berlin.

    “Roadkill” (Episode 1) written and recorded by David Herrera.

    Other music and sound effects by Josh Newton.

    Galaxy image above by Luminas Art from Pixabay

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