Class Warfare 1 – Wizards

    Class Warfare
    Class Warfare
    Class Warfare 1 - Wizards

    Video version available here:

    Welcome to our first ever Class Warfare! In this unique play test – suggested by Ian, one of our Patreon subscribers – Lewanika, Josh, and Glen each rolled up a different Wizard and pitted them against a Deadly encounter to see how they would hold up! A lot of the specifics of the scenario, to include our character level and the different creatures we fought, were randomly generated; so we really had no idea what to expect going in. Lessons were learned, copious amounts of fun were had by all, but in the end only the Owlbear was happy.

    Turns out there’s a reason Wizards bring meat shields!

    The Map used is “Lycan Pines” by Top Table Productions. It is from their “Bounty and Treasure Hunt Adventures” set, you can find it at

    Thanks to Owlbear.Rodeo for the VTT emulator!

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    Where to find the Show:

    Hosted by: Josh Newton, Glen Myers, & A. Lewanika Miller

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