Class Warfare – Artificers

    Class Warfare
    Class Warfare
    Class Warfare - Artificers

    Mike from 19 Hits The Dragon joins us for our Eberron Month Class Warfare skirmish featuring the steampunk-esque Artificer class. The Deadly encounter that Mike designed for this episode pushed our Artificers to their limits and really helped us showcase their versatility. Deep in the Mournland, Artificers Toman (Lewanika), Sprocket (Glen), and Fossilstone (Josh) were hard at work repairing a Lightning Rail track when they suddenly came face to faceplate with the Lord of Blades astride his Warforged Titan!

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    Hosted by: Josh Newton, Glen Myers, & A. Lewanika Miller
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    Additional Music by NaturesEye from Pixabay

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