Class Warfare – Awfully Queer Heroes, Part 2

    Class Warfare
    Class Warfare
    Class Warfare - Awfully Queer Heroes, Part 2

    SPECIAL EDITION: AQH Part 2! In the second part of our Awfully Queer Heroes Class Warfare episode – Ardul, Imeritus Kain, and Twitch face off against unique 4th-tier adversaries from the upcoming book Adventures In ADHD! Our heroes have been trapped in the Feywild for years. Now at level 20, a portal home is finally within sight… just across a bridge and past a productively procrastinating Arch Fey and his animated books!

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    Hosted by: Josh Newton, Glen Myers, & A. Lewanika Miller
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    2 thoughts on “Class Warfare – Awfully Queer Heroes, Part 2

    1. I enjoyed this episode (and the preceeding one) – I’m new to TTJourneys after your appearance on RPG Academy.

      I was curious about the sorcerer’s use of metamagic in this episode. Specifically, they used Twinned Spell to cast two versions of Fireball at two different levels. Initially, I was confused about the two different levels, but then I looked in the Players Handbook. It indicates Twinned Spell only applies to spells that have an individual target. That doesn’t apply to Fireball – it targets a point within range. I was also surprised it was being cast at two different levels.

      Was this something with new Metamagic features in Adventures in ADHD? Or new metamagic that I don’t know about from Tasha’s or the like?

      1. Thank you Jack, for taking the time to check us out ib The RPG Academy was a ton of fun. I truly hope it will not be our last appearance on the show.

        That said, it was probably poorly explained, so I really appreciated your question. The meta magic that I used was Quicken Spell, allowing me to case another magic spell. Thus a second Fireball spell for which I used a different level slot to cast.

        Quickened Spell. When you cast a spell that has a casting time of 1 action, you can spend 2 sorcery points to change the casting time to 1 bonus action for this casting.

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