Episode 11 – Session 0

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    Episode 11 - Session 0

    With the release of Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, Wizards of the Coast gave DMs a lot of material to work with, including some hints on conducting an effective “Session 0”. We are huge proponents of Session 0, and here are some of the tip and tricks that we have picked up over the years. There is a lot more than just a talk about Session 0 in this episode, we also talk a lot about party formation ideas, and how to bring players to your table in a way that maximizes the game play and enjoyment.

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    Intro music, Behind the Veil by 8er41. Music at end, The Ride by Caffeine_Creek_Band. Both can be found on Pixabay.

    4 thoughts on “Episode 11 – Session 0

    1. Very well done episode. But since you’ve done a show about Session 0, you now need to do an episode on Session negative 1. The DM centered session in which they build the world the game will take place in.

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