Episode 12 – The Ranger Subclasses

    Character Class Rankings
    Character Class Rankings
    Episode 12 - The Ranger Subclasses

    Lewanika, Glen, and Josh break out the Ranger class from DND 5e, and talk about where the class came from in earlier editions, some of the major structural changes that have been made to the class, and some ideas on how to use the various subclasses.

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    4 thoughts on “Episode 12 – The Ranger Subclasses

    1. Weakest in the game? I might have been playing it wrong, but I thought I was playing it rules as written, but I was eliminating enemies before any of the melee fighters could ever close the distance to fight. Of course, I did spec out as an archer focused combat character. The only way the DM could stop me from curb-stomping every attacking creature before the rest of the players got a chance to hit them was for him to take away my arrows.

      1. Yeah, that is sort of exactly the point: You can build a combat-centric Ranger, who is powerful enough for the most part but not more powerful than other builds in different classes. Compare your build to any archery-based Fighter build, and see the difference. Or, you can build a skill-centric Ranger who is also just not quite as good as other builds. Rogue: Scout is a great counter build. So, it just never stacks up well against other options. Are they fun? Sure. Do their subclasses have flavor? For the most part. Are they what they used to be in earlier editions? Not even close.

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