Episode 18 – Fighter Subclasses, Part 1

    Character Class Rankings
    Episode 18 - Fighter Subclasses, Part 1

    Welcome Travelers, and happy Saturday! Today, we bring you the first part of our Fighter Subclass ranking show. there were certainly some surprises for all of us in this first part, and we hope that you enjoy! Part 2 will be out next Saturday, but in the mean time here is how our first five rankings came out

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    5 thoughts on “Episode 18 – Fighter Subclasses, Part 1

    1. I do enjoy listening to you three debate the strength of these archetypes and this one I felt fell in long with me disagreeing with your views. I have to say except for the Purple Dragon Knight these archetypes are very strong in there mechanics. Against the party’s other classes except Paladin, Fighters are the amazing. I have the Battle Master number one and followed by the Arcane Archer. As a DM I would not give more power to the class because you have to factor in Feats. It is the one class that has the most giving a player more customization compared to any other class they can play and you look at the feats most often taken they line up to what fighter’s do, adding the archetype abilities is just like the rich getting richer to me!

      1. For one, my friend, I figured of all people you would agree with me on the Banneret! BETRAYAL 🙂 But in listening to this again, I think that a point I didn’t make very well is that all of these classes are excellent FIGHTERS, and the Banneret just specializes in something other than fighting. We just talked about the Feywild UA last night, and picturing a Hobgoblin Banneret with the ability to stack all those bonuses towards the party makes it one of the strongest buff characters in the game, IMO.

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