Episode 49 – Collaborative Worldbuilding

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    Episode 49 – Collaborative Worldbuilding

    Welcome Travelers to a really big day for us here at Tabletop Journeys! We are excited to bring you today’s episode, all about one of our favorite tools in the Storyteller’s Toolbox, Collaborative Worldbuilding. Fans of the channel Actual Play will recognize a lot of the techniques that we are talking about in this episode.

    But wait, as they say, there’s more! We are also releasing on DMS Guild a full companion to the episode called The Traveler’s Guide to Collaborative Worldbuilding. You can get a copy of the PDF for only $4.99 right through DMS Guide by clicking on that link. Inside, you will see a dozen roll tables that you can bring to your table, and a walk through of how to use them to most effectiveness. We hope you take a look and enjoy!

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