Episode 8 – Rogue Subclasses, Part 1

    Character Class Rankings
    Episode 8 - Rogue Subclasses, Part 1

    Lewanika and Josh start talking about Rogue Subclasses in Dungeons and Dragons 5e. Comparing them, rating them, and talking about how best to use them in your campaign.

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    2 thoughts on “Episode 8 – Rogue Subclasses, Part 1

    1. Interesting thought toward your views of the archtypes but some things to consider. First against the Arcane Trickster. The purpose is great for small parties that don’t have enough players to fill the roles of each class and also levels are not usually to gain to multi class into. The nice thing about 5th is leaving your class means your never going to get the higher features by becoming another class to “round” out your character. The more you do it the less features you may acquire overall because of it. The other note you missed is the Thief. Playing one myself and having several as NPC’s it it the hardest character to pin down because of the second story feature. If you deal as a 2D level with your party a Thief will outflank your Encounter creatures is a heartbeat. If the Thief carries two weapons do a push attack to knock a key creature down and then attack with advantage on the prone creature and add backstab. The mage can then Area Bombard were the Rogue is as enemies swarm them and dodge the damage with Evasion that all Rogues get. Just awesome. Ninja Gaiden running on walls friends

      1. Some of the content on the thief ended up not the cutting room floor, but I agree mobility for that subclass is extreme.

        Solid point, regarding more range of capabilities with smaller parties. This should not be discounted. I will keep that in mind for future ranking vids.

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