Field Trip – “Arch Enemies”, Part 1

    Arch Enemies
    Arch Enemies
    Field Trip - "Arch Enemies", Part 1

    After stepping through the looking glass, so to speak, our party finds themselves in a deep, verdant forest of the Feywild. Some companions have gone missing, and new companions have mysteriously appeared. With barely even a moment to gather their bearings, they are immediately approached by two Eladrin who claim to have been sent to greet them. 

    The two identify themselves as Seyfell and Tiriana, members of the guard for the Arch-Fey Zilvarin. They do warn, however, that the journey to Zilvarin’s palace is perilous, and to keep their weapons handy.

    What dangers could be lurking in the fey forest around them? Who is this Arch-Fey and how did he know they were coming? Listen in at the table to find out!

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