Star Trek Preservations, Episode 0 Part 1

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    Star Trek Preservations, Episode 0 Part 1

    The Future is Now as we embark on bold, new Tabletop Journeys in Star Trek: Preservations, Session Zero, Part One – our new Patreon actual play of the Star Trek Adventures TTRPG by Modiphius Entertainment. Listen in to our casting introductions and get all the lore on the campaign settings, themes, and overall tone of the game. We also discuss the lines and veils that will be part of our campaign’s social contract and start to form connections as a group.

    16:17 Setting the Stage
    23:50 STA’s Tone
    28:16 Lines and Veils
    33:28 The Setting of Star Trek: Preservations

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    Hosted by: Josh Newton, Glen Myers, & A. Lewanika Miller
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    3 thoughts on “Star Trek Preservations, Episode 0 Part 1

    1. so, listening to this thread of episodes for 1st time

      LOVED it when lleader, sorry forgot Character/player name
      said “everybody lies”
      nice quote from House

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