Fieldtrip – Session 3, Episode 3

    Candlekeep Mysteries AP
    Candlekeep Mysteries AP
    Fieldtrip - Session 3, Episode 3

    Welcome Travelers, we continue with The Book of the Raven from the Candlekeep Mysteries! Last time we heard from our travelers, they had narrowly escaped from a hungry wyvern as they wove down the road towards their auspicious destination. All seemed to be peaceful, as they approached Woodbridge, when suddenly something foul clung to the breeze…

    If the suspense is killing you, and you want to get your hands on the entire audio of the actual play episode, we have a solution for you! Not only do Patreon subscribers get access to the invites to play, but they also got the full, three and a half hour audio of the session this past weekend! Don’t want a month of cliffhangers as your heroes work their way through the mystery? Check out the details at!

    Opening and closing Music from Sean at McRo Music. You can find his extensive catalog of music clips at

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