Episode 38 – The Wild Beyond the Witchlight

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    Gaming Book Reviews
    Episode 38 - The Wild Beyond the Witchlight

    Good morning everyone, we are stoked to be talking today about the new Fey-wild inspired book just released by Wizards of the Coast for DND Fifth Edition. Glen, Lewanika, and Josh sat down Thursday night to talk about The Wild Beyond the Witchlight! Join in the discussion, what were your favorite parts of the new book? Do you think that you will be running it straight, or do you think that you are going to be using it in your homebrew campaigns?

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    1. I was with Leewanika when the League characters were made. I also grew up with the toys of these and they were my intro into the magical fantasy world of D&D until I found the minis. So players and DM’s know, Gale Fore 9 will be producing these figures in box sets! Great episode guys!

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