Candlekeep Mysteries – Session 2, Episode 4

    Candlekeep Mysteries AP
    Candlekeep Mysteries - Session 2, Episode 4

    Welcome Travelers, we have another Field Trip for you! This is the second mission from the Candlekeep Mysteries, called Mazfroth’s Mighty Digressions! Here is the final episode of this session. On Friday, you will be able to hear all five hours in one episode!.

    We are still taking applicants to play in later games! Not only do Patreon subscribers get access to the invites to play, but they also get the full episode from day one! Don’t want a month of cliffhangers as your heroes work their way through the mystery? Check out the details at

    When running this quest, we used the map pack and DMS reference material compiled by Heroic Maps. You can find them on DMS Guild, and the map pack for this mission was EXCELLENT.

    Music from Sean at McRo Music. You can find his extensive catalog of music clips at

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