Side Quest 3 – 2010s TV Shows

    Movie and TV Reviews
    Movie and TV Reviews
    Side Quest 3 - 2010s TV Shows

    Lewanika and Josh talk about TV series from the 2010s that inspired them, and continue to inspire them, at the table.

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    Intro music, Behind the Veil by 8er41. Music at end, The Ride by Caffeine_Creek_Band. Both can be found on Pixabay.

    7 thoughts on “Side Quest 3 – 2010s TV Shows

    1. Taking the time to do each decade is cool but I would love to hear how each one directly effected your gaming choices either as a DM or Player. I have a number of shows that are influential but as a whole series lacked. However three that come to mind that held my interest at a high level are Spartacus for it’s pure cinematic take to combat and backstabbing, Gotham for its perfect portrayal of villains’ as ambitious individuals that misguided in their actions to make simple happiness, and Daredevil, the rise of true storytelling and how one sets the table for character development and story arc!

      1. Yeah this is a great point! We talked a lot about our influences in general, but not how it translated to the table. I personally get my influences for games from books far more than movies or TV, although I am not quite sure why. I am currently building a one-shot that is based around an idea from one of my favorite trilogies, and it would not be the first time that I have gone to that particular well. I ran an entire campaign based on predictions from Nostradamus once, that was fun.

        Otherwise what brings me to TV or movies most is good storytelling as a whole. Classic example is when we talked about Heroes: Seasons 1 and 2? So good! Circus of the Damned season? Forget it. I really, really, REALLY WANTED to like Arrow, and the cast was great, and the acting was great, and the story was great, but holy halekala was the dialog in that show positively AWFUL.

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