Side Quest 5 – PTSD and Role-playing Games

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    Side Quest 5 - PTSD and Role-playing Games

    Lewanika and Josh talk about how PTSD is, is not, and can be represented in various table top games. We are going to be talking about subjects that can be sensitive, so please listen responsibly.

    We hope that all our friends who are suffering through this affliction, and their families and friends, know that they are not alone. There are trained professionals there to help, here are some helpful links.

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    Intro music, “Behind the Veil” by 8er41. Music at end, “The Ride” by Caffeine_Creek_Band. Both can be found on Pixabay.

    2 thoughts on “Side Quest 5 – PTSD and Role-playing Games

    1. Most certainly it is not. That said while I am understanding of the issue I can only speak from my own experiences, and supports that I am aware of.
      I should also add this was less of a fun or favorite conversation and more of an important and I think necessary one.

      That is to say if you know of ay organizations, and or supports for non-military persons who deal with this devastating issue, please send us their information. We would definitely like to add those to our list.

      Our goal was to call attention to and provide support resources for those in need.

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