Sidequest 16 – WandaVision Season Wrap-up

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    Sidequest 16 - WandaVision Season Wrap-up

    Welcome travelers! On today’s Sidequest, we talk WandaVision! We breakdown what we thought about these nine episodes, the origins and diversions from the original comic book line, and where we think this points the MCU Phase 4 content coming up next. This entire episode is a spoiler, from start to finish, so make sure you are up on WandaVision (or, as Glen put it, a “Last Page First” reader)!

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    2 thoughts on “Sidequest 16 – WandaVision Season Wrap-up

    1. So much to unpack about WandVision! I loved that the real enemy of the series was Grief, if you could call that an enemy. Wanda experienced all of the stages of grief, to one extent or another, but spent a Lot of time in denial. I agree with Glen, she was a woman going through a mental breakdown.
      I wish the 9th episode had gone longer, I’ve read about some of the things they left on the cutting room floor that would have been interesting to watch; what happened with Darci for one, what happened with the boys, Monica and ‘Fietro’.

      Overall, I loved this series… I loved the WTF is going on of the first act. The big fight at the end was cinematic. I wonder what the mid/after credits scenes are going to give us… I love the introduction for Monica/Photon?/Spectrum?

    2. Love the points guys. Lee great surprise about the Darkhold book. I am curious now as Blade is due out and Morpheus is right around the corner. I was awaiting Dr. Strange but that could made those films get extra intrigue for me. As for Danvers, I heard buzz that Rogue maybe the knock down for Captain Marvel as there was a big thing about Rogue stealing Captain Marvel’s power and it took Carol time to get them back. Guess we will see but I have a feeling this will be coming sooner with the mutants appearing as WandaVision had a lot of House of M vibes from it.

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