Sidequest 22 – Falcon and Winter Soldier breakdown

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    Sidequest 22 - Falcon and Winter Soldier breakdown

    Welcome Travelers! Today we are doing an extensive breakdown of the six episodes that make up The Falcon and Winter Soldier. There are lots of spoilers. Lots and lots. Watch the show first, for real. And then come listen to our show about it, because there are a lot of things from this episode that you can bring to your tables in both really big ways, and smaller details that can help your games become Legandary!

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    2 thoughts on “Sidequest 22 – Falcon and Winter Soldier breakdown

    1. I agree that the pacing was a problem, but from what I understand of the behind the scenes stuff, it wasn’t left on the cutting room floor, but simply never filmed in the first place. They were filming right at the beginning of the lockdown, so there were a lot of stuff that we never got to see. And by “a lot” I mean “a lot.” It was meant to have as many episodes as WandaVision at one point.

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