Episode 39 – Paladin Sacred Oaths

    Character Class Rankings
    Character Class Rankings
    Episode 39 - Paladin Sacred Oaths

    Welcome Travelers! After a brief sojourn into the newest book from Wizards of the Coast, we are back talking about one of the most popular classes in Fifth Edition! We sat down to talk about the subclasses in the Paladin class, rank our favorites and least favorites, and talk about how the flavor of this class works into our play style. Stay tuned for a great episode!

    For those playing along at home, here is how the scoring wound up:

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    One thought on “Episode 39 – Paladin Sacred Oaths

    1. Had to chime in to give some love to the “Oath of Redemption” Paladin. I came up with a warforge character that was a royal guard but his kingdom was destroyed by a neighboring kingdom. My warforge escaped with the only heir and the party consisted of characters that made a quiet life helping raise the young prince. In short, the Redemption Paladin is the classic “master” or “Old Veteran” that has lived long enough to see violence isn’t the best answer. Can you play that? Hell yes, how many movies are based on the “hero/heroine” being pushed until they strike back and when they do, wow! I felt this was the truest of paladins as they are the point of reason to end conflicts around them and the Redemption can also do this more to a role-play ability with emissary of peace and rebuke the violent. A much more creative way to story tell than the tradional sense and would be a great tool for younger players to learn from! Re-score this!! 8)

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