Field trip – Session 3, Final Episode

    Candlekeep Mysteries AP
    Candlekeep Mysteries AP
    Field trip - Session 3, Final Episode

    Welcome Travelers to the thrilling conclusion of The Book of the Raven from the Candlekeep Mysteries! Having found Chalet Brantifax, they were faced with an unexpected challenge. Unable to even lick their wounds from the previous encounters, they found themselves face to face with a bring of unbridled evil!

    If you would like to hear the entire 3.5 hour episode, it will be released later in the week, but you could be listening to it now! Not only do Patreon subscribers get access to the invites to play, but they also got the full, three and a half hour audio of the session this past weekend! Don’t want a month of cliffhangers as your heroes work their way through the mystery? Check out the details at!

    Opening and closing Music from Sean at McRo Music. You can find his extensive catalog of music clips at

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