Episode 54 – Strixhaven’s Chaotic Campaign

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    Episode 54 - Strixhaven's Chaotic Campaign

    In part two of our Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos review, we dive into the quest material that will take your characters through four years of magical matriculation. All three three hosts were impressed and pleasantly surprised as we read through the details of life on campus and the many activities, extracurriculars, on campus jobs, and rich student social structure that characters get to participate in. And that’s before we even get into the sinister plot behind the mysterious and dangerous events that plague students and professors alike during the characters’ years of study!

    As a warning, this episode does contain spoilers! So, if you plan to play through Strixhaven as a player, we strongly encourage you to hold off on this episode until after you have played the campaign… unless, of course, you’re a back of the book reader anyway. If you do continue with us onto the campus and into college life, remember to keep your voice down – Class Is In Session!

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