Field Trip – Arch Enemies, Part 2

    Arch Enemies
    Arch Enemies
    Field Trip - Arch Enemies, Part 2

    Welcome to Arch Enemies: Part 2 – Much Ado About Hags. The party is escorted to the castle of the Arch Fey Zilvarin, who begins to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding their unexpected trip to the Feywild and the evil that besets the village of Ohmshire. A common enemy is revealed, responsible for both the Ohmshire Calamity and the disruption of Zilvarin’s realm, and our heroes’ paths become more clear.

    A gracious host, Zilvarin offers refreshment and a safe place to rest before outfitting the party for the peril ahead – despite Kandy’s counsel to distrust all gifts from the Fey. Was insisting that Zilvarin speak the words that “all gifts are freely given” enough to protect them from the strings of the Fey? What hasn’t Zilvarin told the party? Will the Arch Fey honor the deals he has made?

    Take a seat at the table and follow the adventure through the next portal into the unknown and find out!

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